Level 2

Fitted Interiors Installer

This occupation is found in the furniture and interiors industry. Fitted Interiors Installers are responsible for project management / orchestration of fitted interiors, to include designer liaison on planning matters, installation and assembly of furniture at client sites, managing installation projects, providing a high level of service and workmanship at all times, to exceed client expectations.

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The broad purpose of the occupation is preparing and installing fitted furniture including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and offices in both domestic and commercial settings, including consumer homes, offices, shops, exhibitions, and boats to meet customers’ requirements. Key duties include plan interpretation, pre-installation surveying, functional design modification, preparation of working locations for assembly and placement of furniture and prepare furniture components for assembly, working with designs and plans, assembling and installing fitted furniture on location to specification. Fitted Interiors Installers work as part of a wider installation team to include other trade professionals such as electricians, plumbers and general builders.

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