End-point Assessment

Trade Supplier

Trade suppliers are critical to the flow of goods and services between manufacturers and trade customers. Our team of experts will support you in the planning and preparation of this important standard.

Our trade supplier portfolio includes:

Why work with us for these products?

  • Provide a detailed apprenticeship toolkit for each standard
  • Free access to unlimited mock knowledge tests
  • Free access to unlimited mock interview questions
  • Technical support and guidance on the construction of projects
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of the apprentices’ results
  • A team of expert assessors with immediate capacity to meet your needs

We are proud of our carpentry, joinery and wood portfolio. Decades of experience working within and for the sector has helped us shape our first-class delivery for these standards. Combined with our hand-picked assessment team our delivery approach ensures that all apprentices can achieve their potential

John Smith, Business Name Ltd

Amanda Moore

Our team of experts and support documentation has been designed to help you prepare apprentices for these assessments. Our booking process allows quick access to assessment dates and grade outcomes

Amanda Moore, Founder and Director, Achieve+Partners

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