Lean Manufacturing Operative Level 2 Qualification update

March 29, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the Achieve+Partners Diploma in Manufacturing (Knowledge and Skills) is now live. The qualification is approved to be used as the mandated requirement of Level 2 Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship Standard ST0420.

This qualification can also be used by learners who need additional skills to progress in employment or further training.

Renowned for its innovation and excellence, the UK’s Manufacturing Industry demands a high level of skill and expertise across all organisational levels.

Within this industry, a Lean Manufacturing Operative plays a crucial role, ensuring safety and meeting rigorous quality standards in a dynamic and efficient environment. They evolve into versatile operators through process ownership, handling various product specifications in fast-paced settings such as automotive manufacturing. Their responsibilities include executing manufacturing operations, adhering to standard procedures, and upholding health and safety regulations and environmental standards.

Job titles within this realm encompass various roles, from production and assembly operatives to quality assurance and logistics specialists.

Team Member Production; Manufacturing Production Operative; Manufacturing Assembly Operative; Manufacturing Inspection/Quality Assurance Operative; Manufacturing Logistics Operative; Manufacturing Material Handling Operative; Manufacturing Process/Finishing Operative.

A Lean Manufacturing Operative must fulfill core requirements while demonstrating specialised skills tailored to their specific role. The Manufacturing Industry offers an exciting and varied career both in the UK & abroad providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for people to work in a technically advanced and innovative environment.

On achievement of this recognised level 2 qualification, learners will have the knowledge and skills that define confidence in a lean manufacturing role. They will also be able to consider the following progression opportunities;

  • Complete a technical level qualification in manufacturing processing and control or craft design 
  • Complete a technical level 3 qualification in manufacturing related subject / sector areas 
  • Complete a level 3 apprenticeship in related manufacturing occupations
  • Employment in the manufacturing sector

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